How to clean a Mass Air Flow sensor

Tools required:


The first thing to do is locate the sensor on your vehicle, and determine what tool you will need to remove it. The sensor is usually found close to the air filter assembly, but use the manufacturer's handbook, or Haynes manual, if you have difficulty locating it.


Look at the diagram below and compare the screw or bolt heads on the MAF sensor. Usually, most basic screwdriver or socket sets will contain the correct head.

  • Disconnect the electrical connector
  • Use the correct tool to remove the MAF sensor
  • Over the rag or towel, spray the sensor using 5-10 second bursts. Use the power of the spray to clean, do not poke anything inside the unit
  • Repeat the spraying process a few times
  • Allow the sensor to dry completely
  • Fit the sensor back onto the vehicle
  • Reconnect the electrical connector